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  1. You must have a working Mathematica installation. Cellzilla2D has only been tested in Version 8 of Mathematica and may not work in other versions.

    Cellzilla2D will work on any operating system that has a working Mathematica installation, including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

  2. You must have a working xlr8r installation. If you have not previously installed xlr8r, go to at for installation instructions.

Download the Distributation

  1. The latest distribution is available from either or


  1. Open the file install.nb in Mathematica version 8.

  2. From the menu bar select Evaluation/Notebook

  3. Answer any dialogs on the pop-up menu - the rest should be done automatically.

For Advanced Users

The software is maintained using the Bazaar Configuration Management System. You do not need to install Bazaar to access the latest version using the launchpad web interface. It can be accessed at Cellizlla Series of the Cellerator Launchpad Repository. A direct link to the latest (and possibly unstable) developmental version of the code is here.

[July 5, 2013]